101 Latest Blogging Tips for Blogging 2018

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Still thinking how to start a blog and earn money? This is common question so I think you should not think about it, but make a smart plan before start a blog.

Think Before Start a Blog

Every blog owner must decide about following topics.

    1. What about you want to write (your interest select first).
    2. Domain name and length.
    3. Hosting plan (free or paid.
    4. Platform (Where to start).
    5. Decide first about size of blog (big or small).
    6. Logo Design (Graphic or Text).
    7. Template or theme design (Paid or Free).
    8. Make a list of all topics list in excel sheet with examples.
    9. Think about blog post title length
    10. blog post URL length limit.
    11. WordPress blog post word limit
    12. How many images per blog post.
    13. ideal blog post length 2019
    14. how many tags should a blog post have.
    15. Marketing Plan: Sharing on social media.
    16. Marketing Plan: back linking.
    17. Marketing Plan: email marketing.
    18. Marketing Plan: video marketing.
    19. Marketing Plan: paid.

Do you know about latest blogging topics?

What is latest trending blog topics? Why successful blogger issues it?


There are many trending topics, but blogging is name of step by step idea.


I am not kidding. Yes, it is true. If you don’t follow step by step idea. You never success, because blogging is not an easy as you think.


A good planning can make you successful blogger.

What you have to do.


Let me tell you my story so you will get all about blogging. How did I start my blog and walk on successful blogging road after long struggle.

Struggling is more necessary to become successful business man. You should determine it.


Fist step you know well about how to register a brand domain name for your blog. It is necessary for branding. So don’t ignore. I registered many blogging domains, but…

After getting reviews from bloggers and friends. I deleted. Why, because my motto was to make a brand. OK.

You should be.

And last I registered this Latest Blogging domain. Do you like it? Please send reviews.

Hope you understood. No yet, no problem. I tell you this domain name is memorable and easy to spell. So I finally selected it.


You can do same procedure. If you want reviews about domain name, then can ask anytime. I’ll help you.

My next step was purchasing hosting plan. You know poor hosting may loss you. It takes more loading time and you will loss both users and search engine raking well.

I decided to buy VPS hosting plan. Because it helps load fast your web page. And fast loading speed helps top search ranking.

These may help you about hosting.

8 Different Types of WordPress Hosting

Offer Free Domain Name and Hosting for Lifetime in 2018

How to Register a Domain and Setup Hosting 2018

I have explained well above topics, you may read about it.

Now let me explain the most important blogging topic, understand blogging and its types.


Read more about How Many Types of Blogs Are There 2018

I read thousand blogs. Many of them was top blogs and new one. This reading habit helped me grow fast. You may use this technique.


I researched popular topics and made a list, you may show your interest reading about How To Find Popular Blog Topics, 111 Most Popular Blog Topics 2018 List.

I wrote couple of articles weekly. But problems touched me. I tried everything and techniques, but you know success is not easy. Yes, success needs hard work with planning.

My old habit was reading others blog post. It helped me. And I got an idea about earning money doing niche blogging. You may also read about How to Find Best Blog Niches for 2018, 111 Blog Niche List.

But some niche keywords didn’t work well.

I used niche design. But there needed more hard work.

I got massive traffic on some niche topics, not for all, but some of them helped me earn more that I want to share with you.

You can read about my Event Niche Blogging 2018 Planning. It may help you more.

But you need expertise for ranking well. Let me start about how to rank blog.


Ranking is not your child, it’s freedom, you have to get it by planning and smart work.


Your vision should be clear as I. My motto was to be successful blogger. So I researched day by day, you may.

You may get help reading about How to Write a Blog and Earn Money in 2018, because this year every thing has changed.

Blogging guide lines and way of traffic generating have changed. An old technology never work well. It is like fashion you change with time So you have to study all time to be successful blogger.

I wrote content and published it. My publishing timing was early in the morning. You can decide your own time.

If you search on internet about publishing content time on blog. You will find many suggestions and info graphics pictures.

Some blogger content large quantity, we think about how they write. Yes, they use some method for generate quality content without made investment.

It is true story. Thousand of writer around the world who write free. You can read more about How to Find free Writers forĀ  Your Blog.

Blog SEO Class Start – Read Carefully, Try to Read Again

Now you are on final stage where can start your own blog, because according our guidance, you have bought a domain, hosting and installed your interested CMS. Now you ready for writing.

Once again I tell you about writing. Content is King and will be.

So don’t try to write old fashion content. Visitors don’t show interest reading old fashion content. The product and content should fresh.

Blog URL Length

Mostly bloggers make long URL. It is not correct way. Small domain rank well, you know well then why do you create long landing page URL? Blog’s landing page URL should be shall and meaningful.

Blog Post Title Length

Title of blog must be unique with keyword so user can understand about story of your article. Title is the heart of your blog post. So that write meaningful. Keyword uses with smart way. Blog title length should not more than 55 characters with space.

Suggestion: MS Word is well for count character of title length.

Blog Post Content Length

Blogging is a name of smart writing. User based content rank well so write blog post content user based. During writing, keep in mind interest of user, not about you. Length of blog post is not fixed. It should minimum 300 words. But untold story of top bloggers, long content rank fast and well shared on social media.

It may around 1000 words, but well rank of high level keyword, your content needs long around 4000 words to 8000 words.

Social media research open another story about long content ranking and search engines ranking, 10,000 words long content work more effective and high ranking on all search engines.

Suggestion: If you like rank on one phrase or two phrases keyword ranking, then the length of content must long with full features. Content should not unrelated, because it divert attention of readers. It’s interesting like story. The readers should feel like watching movie during reading your content.

Image Optimizing Vs Use of Alt Tag

For better performance around the world should use light and clear images inside your content. Earlier single image was enough, but in long content 5 to 10 images good. Every image should use alt tag with targeted keyword.

  • Image must clear.
  • Pic must light.
  • Use keyword inside alt tag to optimize image.
  • More images – more keywords use in single content.

Our next step for using heading inside content.

Use of H1 or H2 Heading

The content posting is not enough, but well arranged content must be. Use your targeted keyword in H1 or H2 heading.

There are not limit, how many headings you can use, but it should be at least one or two, and maximum number of heading can be used according content length.

Use of Bold Content

At least 5 to 8 keywords use, it not more than 2.5% to 5% density of total words. All should be highlight using bold tag.

Nowadays advance technology entered. It is digital marketing. Digital content noise you hear all around. It kick back SEO. It is bring instantly traffics.

You may think as advance SEO also. But I don’t agree, because according me, SEO is a past of digital content.

Here is a List of All Types of Digital Content Name, every blogger should know before planning for marketing.

Best Things To Do After You Publish A Blog Post

Firstly ping your blog post. I know you search online and take long time so I decided to collect top 51 free feed submission websites name list here. I hope your new blog post will rank well after ping in these search engines.

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