101 Blog and Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 2020

More than 101 blog and web design mistakes you should avoid, because it kick you back or down your brand. Users feel boring so you should avoid web design mistakes.

Web design is something of an art and it is contain many different skills and disciplines in the production. In web designing includes graphic design and interface design, this is different areas of web design.

Below you will find the several lists of web design mistakes through the internet. There are the top 20 most common web design mistakes.

101 Blog and Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 2020

101 Blog and Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 2020
101 Blog and Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 2020
  1. The user must know what the site is about in seconds –

In the internet attention is one of the most beneficial currencies. If the website visitor should not be able to figure out what the website is about within the first few seconds. He will probably just go somewhere else.

  1. No horizontally scrolling –

Horizontally and vertically scrolling are found in web designing. Vertical scrolling is acceptable so does not used horizontal scrolling.

In now days screen resolution is 1024 *768 pixels. It is current optimized layout for  websites currency.

  1. Do not use fancy fonts –

Some fonts are give to artificial or cultured look to your website because it is readable. Fancy fonts are unreadable so it does not use.

  1. Do not require registration on unless it is necessary-

Some websites make most registration fields mandatory and validate the fields. So do not require registration unless because registration forms are tricky.

  1. Do not play music –

In the following years in Internet web designs used to integrate music. They failed imperfectly.

  1. Do nit overuse flash –

Flash use is if you must offer features.

  1. Poor readability and legibility –

Some websites use the most font system. For good interface design it is a crucial elements of web design.

  1. Un organized content layouts –

Some web designers put a block of text on the web pages and totally neglect some points Headings, subheadings, bullets, keywords , paragraphs etc.

  1. Do not use pop ups –

There is the increasing amount of pop blocked out so does not use pop ups.

  1. Make the content scannable –

Internet and book are the much differential to each other. In the internet does not present large blocks of text. So for make content scannable used bullets, header and sub headers, Highlighted keywords, short paragraphs, the inverted pyramid, a simple writing style and de – fluffed language devoid of marketese.

  1.  Make links visible –

Firstly you sure that links are visible or non visible. If make links visible so your links have a contrasting  colour. Sometimes does not changing the colour in visited links.

  1. Includes functional links an your footer –

Sometimes if you are not finding a specific information sp you will used to scrolling down to the footer in a website.

  1. Make sure you website is cross browser compatible –

Cross browser compatibility ultimately has very little to do with what a web site looks like and a lot more to do with how it function.

  1. Use text navigation –

A type of text in website is that breaks the site into links of categories and sub categories. The text navigation is accurate and faster.

  1. Make sure users can search the whole websites-

We make sure that it is very easy to find the information. Do not neglect this on your sites.

  1. Opening new browser windows –

Web designers open new browser windows that it keeps on their site. If will open new browser windows for external links the user will never leave our site.

  1. No spelling or grammatical mistakes –

Sometimes your links and texts contain spelling or grammatical mistakes. But it is not a web designing mistakes.

  1. Do not use tiny fonts –

Do not use tiny fonts because it is also unreadable and it make sure that readers are comfortable reading your content.

  1. Your website is slow –

If website takes more than four seconds for any web pages then we make sure that it is too slow.

  1. Slow server response time –

In above lines it is sure that website is slow so your server respose time is also slow. Slow response times typically indicate that there underlying performance problem.

Web design is can be difficult. Many bussinesses continue to struggle and most important point in web design it need to make money. In under web design mistakes found  typography mistakes, navigation mistakes, graphic and image mistakes, performance mistakes, legal mistakes.

  1. Typographic mistakes-

It is also called misprint. The typographic mistake is a mistake made in the typing process of printed material.  Some typographic mistakes are below –

  • Choosing and unclear font
  • Poor kerning, tracking and leading – Kerning is refers to the space between two characters ( number, letters and symbols), Tracking refers to the spacing in between your words and phrases, Leading refers to the spaces in between the lines of your words.
  • Many fonts are using
  • Using conflicting fonts – Using tiny fonts and fancy fonts are bad idea if the fonts you choose so conflicting fonts are good idea. It is the fight for visitor attention and focused the importance part of your message.
  1. Content mistakes –

Some content mistakes are below –

  • Your content is not focused on vistor
  • Your content is not scannable
  • Poor use of white space
  • Poor grammar
  1. Usability Mistakes –

The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve and specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use.

Some usability mistakes are below –

  • Not answering the visitor questions
  • Poor search
  • Tiny clickable areas
  • Duplicate page titles
  • Content that is difficult to scan
  • No way to search
  • Too much functionality that requires registration
  1. Navigation Mistakes – Web navigation refers to the process of navigating a network of information resources in the World Wide Web which is organized as hypertext. Some Navigation mistakes are below –
  • Not changing the colour of visited links
  • Invisible navigation menus
  • Uncontrollable navigation
  1. Graphic and image mistakes – Some graphic and image mistakes are below –
  • Poor sizing and scaling
  • Generic stock photography
  • Unresponsive image sizing
  1. Performance Mistakes – Performance mistake can occur at any level of these psychological process. Some performance mistakes are below –
  • Your website does not work with all new browser.
  • You have become overly dependent on Javascript
  • There’s no image or file compression
  • There’s no browser caching
  • CSS, HTML and JavaScript have bot been minified

7 .Legal Mistakes – Some legal mistakes are below –

  • No privacy policy
  • No return policy or warranty information

In above some web designs mistake, it is not a comprehensive list but it is great starting point. Web design is the process of creating websites. In this process includes web pages, layout, contrast production graphic design. ‘

A Web designer is someone who prepares content for the web and used the hyper text, hypermedia resources including HTML, CSS and additional web designs tools. Creating an attractive website is important, but i t is also important to create a website that makes you money. In the end you will find that design is not a difficult thing to master.