8 Different Types of WordPress Hosting

What is wordpress hosting? WordPress hosting package and best wordpress hosting for wp blog, that can use. There are different types of wordpress hosting.

WordPress is popular open source blogging platform which can use for both self hosted and free.

Different Types of WordPress Hosting

If you are using self hosting for your personal or professional blog, you can use wordpress open source software for content management. It is popular as well as drupal, magento etc., you need hosting for your blog.

  • What is the best web hosting for WordPress?
  • Is there free hosting for WordPress?
  • Is WordPress hosting good?
  • What is a managed WordPress site?

Before you buy hosting plans for your wordpress blog, you should find out the best wordpress hosting plans that fit your requirement and price. In starting stage you no need high hosting, but later your blog grows and high traffic pressure on you to buy high level wordpress hosting that can handle massive traffic and should secure. All features may costly you so buy the best wp hosting for your blog. Which is the best blog hosting, you can read here.

All Types of WordPress Hosting

  1. Shared Web Hosting.
  2. Reseller Web Hosting.
  3. Cloud Based Web Hosting.
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  5. Dedicated Web Server.
  6. Colocation Web Hosting.
  7. Self Service Web Hosting.
  8. Managed WordPress Hosting.

These are 8 types of wordpress hosting or web hosting, you can use any type of web hosting platform for your blog.