Adjective of Number | Examples of Adjective of Number | List of Adjective of Number

However, an adjective of number is a number which usually shows the exact number of persons or things denoted by a noun or pronoun. Thus, these are used to depict either number of nouns or their position or place in a certain order. Moreover, it can also demonstrate the noun’s position or place in a certain order. This is also known as a numeral adjective. We certainly use the adjective of number along with the countable nouns. Thus, an adjective which sows the number of noun, pronoun or states the number of persons or things is called Adjective of Number. 
For example:
  • Most people have to work hard for their living.
  • The first boy won the prize.
  • He had five rupees in his pocket.
  • Several men came to see the lion.
  • She ate two apples.

List of Adjective of Number:

  1. Definite numeral Adjectives
  2. Indefinite numeral Adjectives and
  3. Distributive numeral Adjective.

Definite Numeral Adjective:

However, this adjective denotes the exact number of noun and their position. In the form of both cardinal and ordinal number.
For example:
  • James ate five bananas.
  • There are fifty students in the class.
  • She stood first in the class.
  • The first girl won the prize.
  • Garima was the second student to join the dance class.

Indefinite Numeral Adjectives:

Moreover, it indicate the approximate amount instead of the exact number.

For example:

  • Several people came at the temple.
  • I bought some eggs.
  • Many women were not there.
  • There are many people in the park.
  • Several students refused to be silent.

Distributive Numeral Adjectives:

However, this adjective basically refers to the individual nouns within the whole amount.

For example:

  • Every word of her is true.
  • Each woman carried a basket.
  • Every student in the class stood up.
  • Each student must take bath.
  • Every Indian must perform their duty.

Differences between Adjective of Number-Adjective of Quantity:

  1. However, adjective of number tells about number of noun and it’s position whereas, adjective of quantity states approximate amount.
  2. Adjective of Number is used with countable nouns. Moreover, adjective of quantity used with uncountable nouns.
  3. Well adjective number is classified into definite numeral adjectives, indefinite numeral adjectives, and distributive numeral adjectives and it is identical to indefinite numeral adjectives.