Adjective of Quantity | Example of Adjective of Quantity | List of Adjective of Quantity

However, the number of adjective or numeral of adjectives specify the amount of noun. It generally describes the quantity, these adjectives help to show the amount or the estimated amount of the noun or pronoun. Moreover, it does not provide the exact number. Thus, they tell us the amount of the noun in relative or whole terms.

For example:

  • He had much money.
  • He ate the whole cake.
  • There is a little food in the house.
  • He did not eat any bread.
  • She had enough bread.
  • I have enough money to buy my book.
  • Many women were not there.
  • Several people came to see the lion.
  • I want some coffee with a little sugar and no milk.
  • He used to live here some twenty years ago.

List of Adjective of Quantity:

However, the adjective describing the relative or whole amount but not the exact numbers of the noun or pronoun are the adjectives of quantity. These are of great use when we do not require the exact number. There are various words we have provided you some of them. Moreover, some commonly use adjectives are as follows:

  • Some – This is used in affirmative sentences.
  • Little – It means hardly any. However, it is used in the singular nouns.
  • Any – It is used in negative as well as interrogative sentences.
  • Enough – However, it can use as adverb or adjective. In adjective it is taken before the noun and in adverb it is taken after an adjective.
  • Much – This can be used as determiner followed by an uncountable noun.
  • Insufficient and sufficient – It means something which is not enough for needs and Something  that is enough to fulfill needs.

For examples:

  • I took some money.
  • She had little faith in the god.
  • The man could not walk any faster.
  • I have enough money to buy my book.
  • She does not have much time for this.
  • He had sufficient milk.
  • The company has insufficient funds to give bonus to all.
  •  She was kind enough to share her lunch.
  • We do not have enough study material for the examinations forthcoming.
  • I don’t have enough knowledge about this project.