Adverb of Reason | Meaning of Adverb of Reason | Examples of Adverb of Reason

However, the adverb of reason is same as the adverb of purpose. This is basically used in order to identify as well as introduced by the subordinating conjunctions. Such as because, as, since and that. Moreover, the main purpose of this adverb is to express the reason for or a purpose of an action. Thus, the words which express reason are known as the adverb of reason. The adverb of reason are hence, therefore, etc.

Well in the sentences of these verbs you can easily identify the main reason behind the occurrence of the action. As its main function is to revel the reason for the action which has been done. Thus, this adverb makes simpler for you to learn the learn the reason due to which an incident or action is completed. You can learn more about this adverb simply by going through its examples.

Examples of Adverb of Reason:

  • As there was not enough light, hence the match was stopped.
  • There was unseasoned heavy rain therefore the match was postponed.
  • He usually think that he can not get anything because he is rich.
  • Since he has apologized we will take no further action against him.
  • As she was not there at that time so I left a message with his mother.
  • My parents were disappointed that I didn’t get the scholarship.
  • He was furious that his book was panned by most reviewers.
  • She was very glad as I arrived at her place.
  • She was not able to go to the market as it was raining very heavy outside.
  • Krishna was hence neglected by the teachers.
  • She thus opened the door applying little visible force.
  • As I lied to him he therefore does not want to talk to me.
  • The teacher is ill and therefore is unable to come to school.
  • It is raining again, so we will have to cancel the match.
  • Because he had not paid the bill, his electricity was cut off.