Adverb | Meaning of Adverb | Examples of Adverb | Rules of Adverb | Types of Adverb

However, an adverb is a word that is being used in order to change as well as qualify the meaning of the adjective, a verb, a clause or any other type of word or phrase with the exception of determiners and adjectives that directly modify nouns. Moreover, it is traditionally considered as the single part of speech, adverbs perform a wide variety of functions, which makes it difficult to treat them as a single, unified category. Thus, they normally carry out these functions by answering the certain questions such as: When, how, where, in what way, to what extend. Hence, look more through the examples to learn about this.

For example:

  • The sun shines everywhere.
  • Ashok came yesterday.
  • Mary sings sweetly.
  • The soldier fought bravely.
  • The kids love playing together in the sandbox.


There are certain rules for using this. However, you need to remember this basis and use this to make sentences more meaningful will be easier for you. Through this you can learn the function in better way.

  • However, the adverbs are generally use in order to modify verbs.
  • These are formed by adding the letters “-ly” to adjectives. This makes it very easy to identify adverbs in sentences. Thus there are many exceptions like this.
  • Moreover, we can easily use the this in order to modify an adjective. As well as to intensify the meaning it conveys.

Thus, as you have read the following rules. You can learn that how these useful words modify other words and phrases by providing information about the place, time, manner, certainty, frequency, or other circumstances of activity denoted by the verbs or verb phrases in the sentences.

Types of Adverb:

However, there are various different kinds which usually express the different meaning. Thus, these described below with proper definition and examples. Well you must also consider about the different forms of this.

  1. Adverb of time.
  2. Adverb of Place
  3. Adverb of Manner
  4. Adverb of Degree or Quantity
  5. Adverb of Frequency
  6. Adverb of Affirmation and Negation
  7. Adverb of Comment
  8. Adverb of Conjunction
  9. Adverb of reason
  10. Adverb of Number.