Demonstrative Adjective | Examples of Demonstrative Adjective | List of Demonstrative Adjective

However, we generally use the demonstrative adjective in order to modify the noun to give information about specific person, place, or thing mentioned in the sentence. As these contain some special function or functions to indicate noun and placed in the close proximity of that noun in a sentence. Moreover, in order to indicate the object nearer to the speaker we use ‘This’ and ‘These”. Whereas, ‘that’ and ‘Those’ are used to indicate something away from the speaker. To learn this properly go through it’s examples as well.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjective:

  • This horse is mine.
  • I like these mangoes.
  • I want those apples.
  • This bat is not mine.
  • These books are very interesting.
  • Can you approach those?
  • These are your clothes.
  • That place is very beautiful.
  • This is my cat.
  • We have no idea about hat place.

List of Demonstrative Adjective:

  • Primary singular form: this, that, yonder, yon, former, latter, etc.
  • Plural demonstrative adjectives: these, those, etc.

Examples of Demonstrative Adjective:

  • She lives on yonder hill.
  • I hate such men.
  • These clothes are very beautiful but these are not of my size.
  • Those jeans are very expensive.
  • Those are the new plants I was talking about.
  • This dress is pretty.
  • That man is very old.
  • The former CEO of my company was Mr. Rogers.
  • The latter option is good but costly.
  • This is the best friend of mine.

Differences between Demonstrative Adjectives and Demonstrative Pronouns:

However, we use demonstrative adjective to  modify noun. Moreover, the demonstrative pronoun are known as independent demonstratives. As they stand on their own by replacing the noun.

For example (Demonstrative Adjective):

  • This food is delicious.
  • I hate those fruits.
  • Give me that pencil.
  • This dress is expensive.
  • I hate those peoples.

For example (Demonstrative Pronoun):

  • This is tasty.
  • I like those.
  • This is very cold.
  • Can you see this?
  • These smell bad.

Well generally the demonstrative pronoun are used in order to pint out the specific people as well as things. However, they generally do not modify the nouns such as demonstrative adjectives.