Demonstrative Pronoun | Examples of Demonstrative Pronoun | Demonstrative Adjective and Demonstrative Pronoun

However, a demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun which is generally used to point something specific within a sentence. Moreover, these pronoun can easily indicate the items in the space as well as time. They can either be singular as well as plural. If you are representing things then this can be used as either near or far in distance or time:

  • Near in time or distance: this, these
  • Far in time or distance: that, those.

There are only few simple rues regarding the demonstrative pronoun. Go through them so that you can use these surprisingly interesting parts of speech.

  • However, the demonstrative pronoun usually identify noun weather these are named or not.
  • We also use use this pronoun in order to describe the animals, places, or things. However, they can be used to describe people when the person is identified.
  • You must not get confuse with the demonstrative adjectives with demonstrative pronouns. As these words are identical but demonstrative adjectives qualify nouns, whereas demonstrative pronouns stand alone.

Demonstrative Pronouns Examples:

  • This is my book.
  • That looks like the bike i used to drive.
  • Those are hers dogs.
  • Those are the new plants I was talking about.
  • That is my book which you are reading.
  • Those look like riper than the apples on my tree.
  • These are your pens.
  • None of these answers are correct.
  • Such were his actual words.
  • Neither of the horses can be ridden.

Demonstrative Adjectives Vs. Demonstrative Pronouns:

However the demonstrative adjective as well as the demonstrative pronoun looks similar as they both contain same four terms: this, that, these, those. Moreover the demonstrative adjective can modify a specific noun or noun whereas demonstrative pronouns replace a specific noun or nouns.

Example of Demonstrative Pronoun:

  • This is my pencil.
  • These are your pens.
  • I purchased that yesterday.
  • Those are hers dogs.
  • That is my book with you.

Example of Demonstrative Adjective:

  • This pencil is mine.
  • These pens are yours.
  • I bought that tool yesterday.
  • Those dogs are hers.
  • That book is mine with you.

Thus, these are the few examples of the Demonstrative adjective and Demonstrative pronoun.