Distributive Adjectives | Meaning of Distributive Adjectives | Examples of Distributive Adjectives

However, the distributive adjective is same as the Distributive Numeral Adjectives. Moreover, it denotes the singular number of noun among many. Thus, the adjectives which are usually refer to people or things individually among many are called Distributive Adjectives. Hence, it is always followed by the singular noun or the verb.

However, the adjectives such as each, every, neither, either which shows that the person or things are taken one at a time are known as Distributive Adjective. Moreover, we must remember this that after using Distributive Adjectives we should use plural noun and singular verb. Thus, the distributive adjective are: Each, Every, Either, Neither, Any or one. Hence, its examples are:

For examples:

  • Each woman carried a basket.
  • Every word of it is true.
  • Neither boy is likely to pass.
  • Neither the pencils were sharpened.
  • Either pen will do.

Examples of Each:

  • Each student is responsible for littering classroom.
  • Each of her friend is helpful.
  • Take one pill with water after each meal.
  • Each man carried files.
  • My each school friends live in different cities.

Examples of Every:

  • She plays badminton every day.
  • He call his father every day.
  • She cooks for him every day.
  • Every one of us are students.
  • I write in my dairy every day.

Examples of Either:

  • I can explain it either.
  • She does not understand me either.
  • I don’t know either of them.
  • Either pen will do.
  • Either you or she must go to the church.

Examples of Neither:

  • Neither of the pencils were sharpened.
  • Neither boy is likely to pass.
  • I like neither of them.
  • My sister cannot lie, neither can my brother.
  • We could neither wait nor go.

Examples of Any:

  • Do you send any mail to them.
  • Is there any coffee in the pot?
  • Did any one fail the exam?
  • Any one of you can go.
  • Did any of the students finish the test?

Examples of One:

  • No one can tell this to you.
  • Select one more student for the play.
  • Can I eat one more cookie?
  • No one likes war.
  • No one knows the reason.