How to Choose a gTLD Domain Name Which Rank High Without SEO and Get High Traffic

How do you choose a domain name that brings high traffic without SEO? if you ask any SEO marketers. They will lough. Yes, it is fact, because they didn’t experiment without SEO.

But something is wrong. Some domain ranks high without back linking and optimisation. This is real news. You can also search these special domain name with rank quick.

How to Choose a Domain Name Which Rank High

I explain with complete details here. If you read complete this article, you will understand otherwise you will miss lot of opportunities which are given in this content.

Reason of Success Website Domains

You know million people only think to start a website. But they confuse. They don’t decide which website domain is the best for business. They think more than do it.

Thousand of people from million who don’t think more and start online business. They register a domain, host it, design and organise a party for launching website. Yes, this is the way more better I think, because their website get more visible than other.

Now I am going to explain about third type people who do better with using their mind and soul on right time. They will win this game. Their website rank fast doing more SEO practise, because they use brain. You know 99% don’t use brain, that is reason 99% business fail after some time and remain 1% become successful bloggers. Here business is refer to blogging only. And blogging is refer to content writer.

2020 How to Choose a gTLD Domain Name Which Rank High Without SEO and Get High Traffic
How to Choose a gTLD Domain Name Which Rank High Without SEO and Get High Traffic

If you are professional content writer then you may rank thousand time more than other blogger. And special domain kick your content higher ranking without high SEO practise.

Reason Top Ranking gLTD Domains

Why do gTLD rank high than other domain extensions? These domains rank globally. Its area of traffic is abroad so they get more popularity. You know popular things get searched more than other. It is trend or viral. Now you understand well that things which viral can get more high volume of traffic. And high traffic does mean more money. That is reason people search gTLD and buy it. If top level domain availability is none then they target geo base domain extensions.


Before buying domain, think about your audience and determine what type of domain suit your business or blog. If your target audience is abroad. You should buy gTLD. I suggest you if you are beginner, don’t forget to contact experience holder bloggers who help you.

This is not for small websites. It is for bloggers and news websites which publish news every time.