Event Blogging Script for Event Niche Blogging 2020

Event blogging is one of the best way of instant blogging. It generate both organic and social media traffic. Generally event is a limited period of enjoy which people share wishes and greetings with friends and family members.

It active limited period. During these days, million number of people active. It is reason, blogger use this method for generating traffic and help with creative messages. Those creative message help people who don’t know design and share quotes.

This opportunity is one of the best for bloggers. In these days most of all bloggers try to do event blogging. I’m going to show you an example, but learn before do it.

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How to Start Event Blogging

This is nice question how to start event blogging. The name is enough for event blogging, but you have to gather fame. You have to become popular. The popularity is not easy, but not impossible. So what you have waiting for. Let’s learn how to start event blogging.

First of all register a domain, then buy good hosting plan and design a website. Your work is not end here, not start marketing e.g. sharing your website on Whatsapp, FB, G+1, Twitter and thousand others. It should start before 10 days and keep it up till end of event day. OK, let’s learn event blogging secrets.

Event Blogging Secrets

Fist of all you have to register special event base domain. My view is, you use event name like happy new year 2021 for new year event. Here is a list of suggested event domain, you may use it if you need.

Event Blogging Domain examples:-

  • Happy near year 2021
  • Happy near year 2021 wishes
  • Happy Diwali 2020 Wishes
  • Happy Diwali 2020 Puja and Aarti
  • Happy Independence Day 15 August 2020
  • Happy Holi 2021 Wishes
  • Holi Color Remove Tips
  • Rakha Bandhan Gift Ideas
  • Rakhi Designs

After deciding your domain, register and take hosting. There 2 types of hosting. You can use free hosting like blogger.com, just signup and create new blog name it and you can forward your domain in setting. It works like your own hosting.

Second method is, buy own hosting and host your domain, then install wordpress or upload own designed template. Now your next step writing and marketing.

Optimization is very important after all completed designing and writing work, optimize with both online and offline SEO.

Marketing is the main part of blogging. Without marketing your work is useless, because no body will know about your content. You have to try reach everywhere there, where people search content like your content.

Event Niche Blogging

Event Blogging Script to Start Event Blogging, Free Event Blogging Script 2020
Event Blogging Script to Start Event Blogging

What is niche blogging? Yes, your question is genuine. Million brothers and sisters are who do blogging, they have question about niche blogging. So that we learn exactly niche blogging.

Niche means you write on particular topic only. For example your want to share your ideas about new year, OK then your domain is related new year and complete content, images, videos and audios are only about new year, nothing else. Now hope you understand well. You can write on any event like festival or special day of history. Special website have complete content about special day.

Readers or Users open your website, they read content all about particular topic, is niche blogging. It is for limited time, but can generate massive traffic in limited time.

For this massive traffic, you have to do lots of work. It names ranking. So how to get ranking your website. Let’s learn.

How to Rank Event Blog

An event blog can rank easily if you try. My suggestion is, complete designing and content writing work before 150 or 180 days before the day of event. It should necessary so do home work on time.

Next ranking work is very important. It has to do end of event day. This process period help you earn better than a yearly earning.

For ranking blog, fist of all submit your blog to all search engines webmaster tools and confirmed sitemap submission well. You should check, is it working or not well?

Second method you know well about social media, because you operate whatsapp, fb, g plus one and twitter etc. regularly. Now you have to do for your blog promotion. Let you, know how to do it.

For whatsapp and other social media sites, you have to make groups and add maximum number of members, then share your blog content time to time. Please don’t share same content daily, but share new content so update content and new images etc. This process will be continue end of event day.

Event Blogging Optimization (SEO)

This method is old, but gold so use it. It takes time, but the best for organic search engine traffic on your blog. This is unique traffic generating method. So what to do now.

Nothing, use targeted keyword in title, meta description, web page url, heading, sub heading, image alt and repeat keyword 2.5% times in content and bold it. This is complete online optimization, but offline SEO linking building. You have to submit your web page to other free directories, article directories, bookmarking and press release website with back link. Let, I hope, you know how to do.

This is the sweetest way of event blogging and raking. If you need any help or suggestion, you are welcome below comment box, but write complete story what you want to do? and what you have done? What din’t get what you want? I’ll be happy help you.