How to Find Free Writers for Your Blog

Find Free Writers for Your Blog, You can not write content for your blog. No problem. Hundred of free writers are available who can write for you. But you don’t know how to find free writers for your blog. OK, let me explain complete story in this blog post.

You start a blog. and want to write on trending latest blogging topics, right! You have no idea. OK, writers need to do your job, but how?

Most of guys don’t like to write. Yes, It is true.

And some of them run own blog.

Oh! it’s problem, so what next?

Think, think and think. It is the best part of blogging.

You get an idea about searching writers. I know well you will do. Most of all bloggers also do this job. Some of them find many writers who writer for money. They charge you. It may costly if you don’t have own large amount in your pocket.

You think to do without spending money.

Yes, Hurrah! You got an idea.

Now you can find free writers. It is not joke. I know it.

There are many writers who love to write content free of cost. You have to upload, nothing to do.

You know how to find free writers for your blog around you?

Hmm this is problem that there are no free. Every person seems busy. Should you ask them to write content or not? It is a big problem.

Find Free Writers for Your Blog

I tell you something special tricks you can use it.

No one is free so don’t think that writers are waiting for you. They sit free for you. No. No one free.

You have to search guys who love to write, because most of people don’t like writing job. If you don’t believe, you can survey.

Now let me tell you how I find free writers for my blog.

This is not an easy job. But I searched long time. First I found single writer who wrote single article a month. Then I kept searching continue.

In our next searching month I contacted 5 girls who were ready to write, but they didn’t much time. They wrote twice article a week, but 3 out of 5 quit this job.

My free writers list was 3 who keep writing. My searching was keeping it up.

After a year, I had 11 writers network who write for my blog. Yes absolutely free.

They didn’t charge for content. I organize party and give a platform to be popular. Yes, this is my idea.

Popular writers are be ready to write and don’t charge you, but they need popularity so you have to spread their profile and name in the air so people can know about them.

Your profit, get free content and writer become famous. I offer them write about your life, I will publish your life story. They ready it. Do work me free.

You can find around you people who will read to write content for your blog. You have no pay for.

In the end of this useful article, I want to ask you how did you find? Please write your suggestions so I can share my more tricks and methods help you and all bloggers.

Thank You.