How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast 2020 (5 Hours Daily Plan)

All bloggers wish generating blog traffic and make money by blog. Yes blog is a window of making money without big investment.

So you should know about how to increase blog traffic for free in this article.

Increase Blog Traffic – 5 Hours Plan

Traffic is one of the most important parameters for your blog. The more people who find your blog, and who will read your ideas. If you do not know who is reading your blog or using your product so understand your audience or user persons. You will try a few different methods of increasing blog traffic. There are 4 steps available.

  1. Killer Articles (First step)
  2. Networking (Second step)
  3. Promotion (Third step)
  4. Normal posts (Fourth step)

Killer articles:– ( 2 hour per day)

It is also called linkbaits and piller articles. In killer articles includes brainstorming, researching and writing. We can release on killer article every week but sometimes it is not possible so that aim for the every 15 days.

A killer article that the aim of delivering a huge amount of value to potential visitors. It is a long and structure article.

  • Create a very large list of resources.
  • Detailed of tutorial teaching people.
  • Solution for a common problems
  • Analysis for topic who people have only talked.

Networking (60 minutes per day):- Network is the construction, design and use of a network and managing the network. In other words networking is essential. In networking three points are below is most important.

  • Commenting another blog in your niche.
  • Linking to the posts of bloggers.
  • Interacting with the bloggers in your niche via Email, IM or Twitter.

Promotion (60 minutes per day):- Creating a high – quality engaging of killer blog article, so the promotion of your killer article is the first activity.

  • Letting bloggers, webmasters and the people in your network know about it.
  • Getting some friends who submit the article in social sites.
  • Getting some friends to twitter the article.
  • Posting the about your article in online forms and newsgroups.

Normal posts (60 minutes per day):- You will publish normal posts routinely in your blog, between the killer articles.

For example you published killer articles every Monday and normal posts from Tuesday through Friday. Here some ideas of normal posts-

  • Posts are linking to an article on another blog.
  • A post informs your readers about the news and asking the question to your readers.
  • This posts highlighting the new resources.

How to increase blog traffic

There are some points to described the Increase blog traffic.

Choose a descriptive title– The readers will see the title of your blog and it is one of the most thing.

Focus on Your Blog Design– The first thing in your blog when people notice is the way it looks when they visit to your blog. So focus on your design because sometimes it make eye catching.

  • Create a title who matches the theme and content of your blog.
  • Keep you colour scheme.
  • Create a small logo or image to represent your blog.
  • Organize your content.

When you have great design and content, so you have to be sure that you have great organization to match.

Focus on your target Visitors:- Increase blog traffic by understanding your audience personas. Understanding your audience is integral to acquiring high – quality traffic to your site.

Content is King:-  If you create better content so it is sure that the increase to blog traffic.

Most strategies are:–

  • Use proper headlines to get more visits
  • Organize your content so it’s easier to read
  • Work on long content
  • Have posts schedule and blog consistently
  • Make your content SEO – Friendly
  • Do keywords research before you write
  • Make your websites design appealing
  • Add visuals to your content (image, infographics, charts)
  • Share your content on social media
  • Use content promotion networks.
  • Use long term SEO plan
  • Sharing on social media regular

Two types of blog traffic method that basically all bloggers do

Organic Traffic– organic traffic is that you get naturally without having to force it.

Paid Traffic– Is that you force with Advertisements example– Facebook advertisements. In paid traffic also includes Google and twitter.

How to increase blog traffic fast

Most of new bloggers don’t want to invest money, so that they should learn how to get traffic to my blog for free.

5 Hours Plans to start blogging for high volume search engine traffic

More than 50% bloggers like to install wordpress software, reason is free. Really it is free open source code that anyone can use it.

Second reason is behind installing wordpress. It index fast and rank quick so the best way to receive organic search engine traffic on blog.

Third reason is that SEO is inbuilt, just install a plugin and your are free from SEO optimization, because 90% SEO work complete after install a SEO plugin. This is a key of generating traffic.

If you are eager know about how to increase blog traffic wordpress. I have already explained it.

I recommend you to increase blog traffic 2020 with WP blogging. After installing blog software, you only write and publish. No need to know more about how to get traffic to your blog, because plugins do it rest of all work.

How to get visitors to your blog

How to increase blog traffic fast 2020

Now your question is about how to drive traffic to your blog, then this content help you completely. WP blog needs more unique and fresh content, and share it on social media, you will get more visitors, but do it regularly.

You may ask any question about how to get visitors to your blog or on blog post.