Learn How to Increase Rss Feed Subscribers in 2020

Learn how to increase subscribers, because it brings traffic to your blog easily. More subscribers equal to more traffic on your blog, more sell, more profit, high ranking and more earning etc. First of all learn how to increase rss feed readers.

Your rss feed readers are subscribers, so more readers of your blog equal to more traffic, selling and earning. Now you have to learn how to increase rss feed subscribers. Let me describe here, read full content from start to end, you will learn about rss feed subscribers.

Simple ways to gain RSS subscribers

Increase the number of individuals subscribing to your RSS feed. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed. A website requires promotion and marketing so here few tips of gain RSS subscribers. The best way to increase your subscribers is to give your readers what they want.

  • RSS auto discovery –

RSS auto discovery is a technique that makes it possible for browser and other software  to automatically find a site’s RSS feed. RSS auto discovery is the ability of a web browser to automatically detect a website’s RSS syndication feed.

  • Feed Icon –

WordPress  plugin that lets you easily add the RSS feed icon by using a simple short code in any place of four websites. Such as – header, post contact, page content, sidebar and footer. RSS feed icon allows your visitors to receive messages from your blog, RSS feed by email. The icon should be both visually appealing and obvious. The RSS icon should link to the URL of the RSS feed.

  • Use a email subscription form –

Offer a one click subscription option to RSS feeds, so your visitors can subscribe quickly and easily. By offering email subscription your blog, you can build a steady steam of regular visitors for your site. Emails subscription an also gives your users yet another way to consume. The RSS to email subscription setup is quite straight forward. The top 2 emails subscription and services –

  • Mailchimp RSS to email
  • Awebes RSS to email

Mailchimp RSS to email – Mailchimp is a great tool for managing email subscription and marketing campaigns. One of mail chimp is wonderful features is the ability to create RSS campaigns that automatically send email notices to your blog subscribers.

Awebes RSS to email – One of the major benefits to havinf your own emails list is letting users know about what’s new at your blog. One of the useful features of awebes is blog broadcast features which turn your RSS feed into email newsletter.

  • Use cross feed promotion –

A nice way to promote your blog is to find another blog that is complementary to your topic and propose the author a cross feed promotion.

  • Promote your feed with an image –

Promoting your feed with something a little more eye catching than a text link tends to get it more noticed.

  • Use multiple method to promote your feed –

There is no rule a how many times you can link to your feed a page. If converting readers to RSS is a priority for you consider variety of subscription points. Different readers will be attracted to different subscription methods.

  • Use your RSS feed link when commenting a other blogs –

New content on the web being added daily RSS feeds are certainly still present but you have noticed that they resemble a more modern from of content sharing : social media, Facebook,  twitter. The result has been interest in RSS feeds in the past several years. RSS feeds remain great for an in depth look at a site’s new content.

  • Offer a comments  feed –

WordPress generates an RSS feed for the comments an every published post. Many sites take advantages of this by displaying a feed link next to the comments area. It is convenient, simple and super useful for example – Typical feed menu for many blogs includes the following items: 1. Main content feed ( posts, articles etc)

  1. Main comments feed ( all comments left an your sites )
  • Offer category feed –

Offer times bloggers wonder how  to make separate RSS feed for their category because sometimes your uses only visits your website for the design category, This wordpress plugin allows you to present a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription option to your sites visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option. You can also create a tag specific RSS feed menu using thin plugin. Create an RSS feed menu for all of your tags on the blog using a simple shortcode.

  • Leverage an existing blog or audience – You ever thought about using Google readers as more than just a place to store all your favourite blogs and instead leveraging it to

Leverage Google readers for creating post opportunities and bloggers in three parts –

  • Getting started with Google readers and understanding the basic benefits.
  • Leveraging Google reader for guest post opportunities.
  • Leveraging Google readers for better bloggers outreach.
  • Use feed directories –
  • RSS directories are websites where lists of RSS feeds are organized by categories and subcategories. They exists as general as well as specific in specific professional areas, themes, industries, problems, tends.
  • RSS directories enable websites owner and their published to their adds. In general adding a feed is done through a special form on a RSS directory page to send the feed address to your website.
  • RSS directories often attract a lot of visitors and therefore the chances of a website, registered in the directory for more traffic visitors are noticed rising.
  • Use social proof –

There are number of ways you can use social media to add social proof to your websites.

  • Offer email subscription facility
  • Produce high quality blog posts
  • Ask for subscription from blog readers
  • Drive lots of traffic to your blog
  • Holding a content
  • Include subscription options towards the end of blog post
  • Ask unverified subscribers to confirm
  • Redirect different RSS feeds to Feedburner  feed

We all know the importance of blog subscribers. Blog subscribers help you to keep getting returning visits, and as your RSS feed grows, your blog traffic will also grow. RSS is the best way to notify your readers when you update any post. If we have a blog with good number of RSS feed subscribers, we can show them someone show interest in buying our established blogs. RSS subscribers count is one of the most important factors. To increases the RSS subscribers some points given below –