How to Ping My Blog Feed URL to 51 Free Feed Submission Websites in 2020

It is the best SEO part so learn to ping your blog feed RUL links. It helps indexing in search engine. How to ping my blog feed url link is my topic of this article which is very important to all bloggers, because it is a part of SEO, generating backlinks free.

If your writing for your blog and trying to make money or selling any projects, you should generate back links for your every blog post.

You need to submit search engine as fast as you can, because it helps to index search engines.

You know, without indexed content will not rank and useless so submit to all search engines.

How to Ping My Blog Feed URL Link

Pinging feed url is free and easy. You can do it yourself. You no need technical knowledge to do this work.

  • Select the best ping website.
  • Fill form e.g. title, blog url, feed url etc.
  • Press submit button that’s done.

Don’t Ping Your Websites Like This (Read Full)

If you are new or an expert, doesn’t matter, but latest SEO update catch your activity. This activity may lost your current search engine ranking.

  • Don’t ping same url again and again.
  • Don’t ping to all pinging sites continue.
  • Don’t do this work in a single day.
  • Submit your blog or website one or two tools a day.
  • Submitting your website or blog weekly or monthly if required after publishing fresh content.
  • Over and over pinging will hurt your website or blog ranking dramatically.

 Try to Ping Your Blog Feed URL in These Websites

First of all open following websites in browser.


There are thousand websites like these. You should search “Ping My URL” or “Ping My Blog” keywords and search you will find lots of new websites which help you generating back links.

The second step you have to enter your blog url or blog feed url and submit it. It will take some time pinging.

Please do not refresh or close during submitting your blog url.

You will see complete message after finishing ping work.

This is free and easy work. You should do it, because it submit your website link to directories, news portals, social media and search engines.

2020 How to Ping my Blog Or Ping my URL of Blog Feed
2020 How to Ping my Blog Or Ping my URL of Blog Feed

This pinging work helps you bring organic traffic on your blog.

About Ping My URL
Blog feed is a xml. XML data easy to read for search engine. That is reason, xml sitemap must be every website. It is a big part of SEO for indexing web pages.

Conclusion: Blog feed pinging work can do it yourself. If you join monthly subscription, this work will done automatically. Once you ping your blog feed url, your every blog post index quick and you no need to repeat this work.

Blog Ping Sites List 2020