How To Solve a Website Blog Traffic Down Day by Day Problem 2020

How to solve a website or blog traffic down day by day problem. Blogging traffic down day by day then read this article.

How To Solve a Website Traffic

How To Solve a Website Blogging Traffic Problem

My suggestion is you shpuld rewrite all content your blog and then update it.

Optimize blog images again with the new titles in keyword.

Make post list.

Update photos of your post in all posts office blog.

Change layout and logo of your blog.

Speed content on your social media profiles again with new photos.

Rewrite all titles of posts.

Rewrite content again and update new date.

Optimize with interlinking all your blog posts.

Building New and high quality backlinks again.

Search new audience and send your content them.

Audience require new contents update and write content according their interesting.

Optimise your blog with the new SEO rules.

Change blog font style and font name to look good and fresh.

Change colour of your blog heading and body area.

Mailing list and send mail regular with the new content.

More tips and tricks are updating continue about wife blog traffic is down day by day here.