How to Start a Blog for Free 2020

Free blogging is one of the best platform for all learners. I suggest start a blog for free and practice more and more. My topic is how to start a blog for free.

You don’t know how many types of blogging, no problem, but you should have knowledge about How to Start a Blog for Free if you are new.

How Many Types of Blogs Are There? You can an ideas here.

Blogging ideas are the best for who like to write anytime. It needs content regularly. Blog is a web where you have to write content daily.

Now come to the point, how to start a blog for free. So we should know how many types of free blogging platforms where we can start a blog writing free.

How to Start a Blog for Free

Thousand of blogging platforms are available around the world. You and me can not remember name of all, but we can start a blog free online using two big popular blogging platforms.

Two Popular Blogging Platforms and are two common popular blogging platform where you can start a blog free.

I have already said there are thousand of free blogging platforms, but I am talking about common which are using by people around the world.

How to Start a Blog on Blogger.Com is a product of google so you can login by your gmail id, and simple signup and make an account, then enter name of blog. It is like domain name. Enter and check, is it available or not, if blog name is available then go next and select theme layout go next with default layout.

Enter title and description and go next you see you blog is completed without spending any coin and technical knowledge.

Now open your blog dashboard and create new post then write title and full content, you can add pictures there, you can add location and more.

How to Start a WordPress Blog Free

Learn How to Start Your Own Blog for Free step by step, follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign up for free or log-in to your account.
  2. Pick a Blog template.
  3. Open the Blog Manager and create a new post.
  4. Create categories and organize your posts.
  5. Publish your post.

How to Create Free Blog on Any Blogging Platform

  1. Open blogging platform website.
  2. Signup to create an account and log-in.
  3. Open blog dashboard and select new post to create a new post.
  4. Write title and post, upload photos and anything what you want, add category and tags etc..
  5. Publish your post.
  6. You can edit this post and update content anytime from your account.

Try and try to learn blogging. It is an idea to start a blog professionally.

Do you have any question? You’re welcome below, wrte what you want to ask about how to start a blog free.