Interrogative Adjective | Examples of Interrogative Adjective | List of Interrogative Adjective

However, through the interrogative sentences we can easily modify the noun and ask questions too. Thus, through this you can ask questions such as what, whose, where, why, how and which. Moreover, basically these words express the sentences from the questioning point of view. Hence, they accompany or modify the noun or noun phrases and placed before them in a sentence.

For example:

  • What is the color of your hair?
  • Which house is yours?
  • Whose book is this?
  • Why are you crying?
  • How do you know her?

List of Interrogative Adjectives:


  • She don’t remember what her mother told er?
  • What exactly are you planning?
  • I have no idea what she has done.
  • What a beautiful flower is this.
  • What a nice shape this pear has.


  • Do you know whose book is this?
  • Whose pen will they give us?
  • Do you know whose pen is this?
  • Whose turn is it next?
  • Whose car are you planning to drive?


  • Let’s see where we should go?
  • Where could we find the next restaurant?
  • We don’t know where to go.
  • Where are all the cadets in the ground gone?
  • Where are all the friends have gone?


  • Tell us why you did this?
  • Why are these blankets lying here?
  • Do you know why she lied?
  • Why on earth we are still waiting for Jessica?
  • Why there are so many dogs wandering?


  • Well how do you know her?
  • How many times doctor visited the patients?
  • She don’t know how it happened.
  • How many times you have watched this movie?
  • How on earth did this disaster happen?


  • Among these which book do you like?
  • Which one is the delicious food in this hotel?
  • Do you know which place is this?
  • Which is the tallest tower of the world?
  • Which is the smallest airport in India?

Difference between Interrogative Pronoun and Interrogative Adjective:

There are few words which act as pronoun and adjective. However, there is a different method of using them.

  1. Interrogative pronouns can stand alone whereas interrogative adjectives cannot stand alone as they modify a noun or pronoun
  2. Interrogative pronouns generally follow a verb whereas interrogative adjectives generally follow a noun.