How to Link Aadhar to Mutual Funds Schemes in India

It is mandatory to link a mutual fund to the base. So if you have to link the Mutual Fund Scheme to Aadhar Card, you can link Mutual Funds with both basis in both online and offline ways.

Let us understand how the Aadhaar number is linked to the Mutual Fund scheme.

If you have invested in a mutual fund scheme, you have not yet linked your fund scheme to the base, so do not delay anymore. Because now you need to link to the mutual fund from the base number.

Any mutual fund scheme can link to the base both online and offline.

Some people think that mutual funds are in different schemes, they will have to link them separately from the base. If they are taking mutual funds from different companies, they will have to link differently but it is not so. If you have been investing in a mutual fund from the same registrar, then you can link all types of mutual funds taken from within the same registrar from one place to the base. You will not need to link to the base in different ways.

If you have invested in different mutual funds of different companies from different registrars, then you have to link them with different registrars, otherwise you will be able to get the schemes of all mutual funds from your Aadhaar number from the same registrar. You can also link that both online and offline.

Both options of base linking with mutual fund are available offline. Let’s now tell you how to link the base to the mutual fund.

To link the Aadhaar to mutual funds scheme, follow step by step. You can easily link schemes of all mutual funds, sitting at home, from your base number.

You have both online and offline options to link the base. Going to the registrar’s website to download the base with the Mutual Fund, download the required form. Fill it. Enter your folio number. Attach and verify your verified status. If your mobile number is connected to the base, then link it online with a mutual fund. OTP will come on mobile. Enter it. The base will be linked.

If you have a mutual fund unit in the form of readymade then you have to contact your deposit. Depositories will need to contact the fund house for this, there is no need to contact the fund. In the case of minors, it is optional to add the base. If you are a parent, then you base your mutual fund; Wherever you are; You have invested it, but you have to link it to the scheme.

If you have different investment in mutual funds from many registrars. So you are providing service to Merchant Fund for the convenience of investors, such as registrars like Karvy, Franklin Templeton, Kames and Sundaram BNP Paribas. You do not have to go to all the websites to add the base to the mutual fund. This can be done at the register level. If you have investment in two or more funds and from whom you have taken from the same registrar. So updating you only once will link all the services. If you have taken the investment plans from different registrars, you will have to contact the different registrars to link investment schemes.

If there is a problem linking the base to a mutual fund or there is a question in your mind, whatever you want to ask, or any suggestions, you can write in the comment box below. We will be happy to answer your questions.