Past Perfect Continuous Tense | Meaning of Past Perfect Continuous Tense | Rules of Past Perfect Continuous Tense

However, the past prefect continuous is usually used to describe an ongoing action. Which has started in the past and continued for sometime in the past. Moreover, it also expresses the continued nature of the action that started and stopped at some point in the past. It also includes a time reference. Thus, it usually shows that when the action started in the past as well as for how long the action was continued in past.

However, in order to show the time reference two specified words are being used in the sentence. Those words are ‘For’ and ‘Since’. Thus, if you know the exact timing of the action then word ‘since’ is used. But if you express the amount of the time then word ‘for’ is used.

Formula: Subject + Had been + base form of verb + ing + Object + Time reference (for, since).

For example:

  • She had been playing since morning.
  • He had been writing for one hour.
  • He had been playing cricket since morning.
  • They are playing football since 10 o’clock.
  • I had been listening to music Thursday.

Negative Sentences:

Formula: Subject + Had not been + verb-ing + Object + Since/For.

For example:

  • We had not been playing or three days.
  • She had not been going to office for two days.
  • Your servant had not been cooking food for two hours.
  • The boys had not been watching television for three weeks.
  • Kid had not been drinking milk for five months.

Interrogative Sentences:

Formula: Had + subject + been + verb-ing + Object + since/for + ?

For example:

  • Had she been singing for two hours?
  • Had you been living in Nagpur since 2008?
  • What had she been singingĀ for two hours?
  • Had you been staying awake since Friday for the exam?
  • Had he been eating vegetable for seven months?

Interrogative-Negative Sentences:

Formula: Had + Subject + not + been + verb-ing + Object + since/for.

For example:

  • Had they not been living in Piper since 2002?
  • Had your sister not been washing clothes since morning?
  • Why had she not been singing for two hours?
  • Had they not been attending the meetings since the birth of my son?
  • Had they not been staying awake since Friday for the exam?