Preposition of Agent | Meaning of Preposition of Agent | Examples of Preposition of Agent

The preposition assists how to create a relation of a noun or pronoun with another noun, adjective or verb in a sentence. However, the preposition of agent is generally used as a thing which is a cause of another thing in the sentence. It usually indicates someone as well as something that does an action on the subject of the sentence wherein the action is always a passive verb. Thus, these are applied to indicate an action which has conducted on a noun is caused by another noun, when used in a sentence. In this we usually use by and with. In order to make correct sentences.
Thus, the agents preposition are:
  • By
  • With.


However, we generally use this in order to learn about the doing of the person.

For example:

  • This work was completed by Ema.
  • Harry Potter was written by J.K. Rowling.
  • This food store is conducted by my father.
  • This book is written by Shakespeare.
  • The room was arranged by Jack.


This is used in order to show a doing by a thing. Along with the another Preposition of Agency or Instrumentality.

For example:

  • I agree with you on all points.
  • The tub is filled with water.
  • We flushed out the dirt from the terrace with water.
  • Mother chopped onions with a knife.
  • I can write better with my own pen.

Some more examples of the Preposition of the Agent:

However, given below are the few more examples in order to learn correctly about the Preposition of Agent. Thus, go through with the examples to learn it properly.

  • He opened the door with the keys.
  • She is very kind with other peoples.
  • I am going to Paris next week with my friends.
  • This poem was written by Walt Whitman.
  • She is writing with her blue pen.
  • That man opened the door with the key.
  • He was very happy by getting a new bat.
  • He used to travel by himself.
  • She trembled along with the fear.
  • You can’t play soccer without a ball.