Preposition of Direction | Meaning of Preposition of Direction | Examples of Preposition of Direction

However, through the preposition of the direction you can easily learn about where to go or where to put something. Thus, it generally shows you in which direction something moves. Moreover, its some examples are to, on, onto, in, into, towards, through, etc. are used to describe the direction. Hence, these prepositions are most often used with verbs of motion and are found after the verb. However, the preposition may happen alone or in the phrase in order.

Examples of Preposition of Direction :

  • He put all the money into his pocket.
  • I must have put the pumpkin onto someone else’s trolley in the super market.
  • She warned them to keep away from his daughter.
  • Two tigers in the circus have escaped from their cage.
  • The strong wind blew the wig off his head.
  • We quickly moved the conversation onto a new subject.
  • He ran away when he felt that someone was coming toward him.
  • The teacher has gone to the loo again.
  • He sent a message to his mother.
  • He lives in Canada but he’s from New York.

Some more examples:

However, given below is the list of few more words which is being used in the preposition of place. Go through them in order to learn about it correctly.

To – It is the most common prepositions of movement or direction. Thus, its main function is generally used to indicate movement or an action or condition suggesting movement in the direction of a place, person, or thing. Hence, we use it to show the movement in the specific direction.

Across – Its generally mean from one to other. We used it used to show movement from one side to the opposite side.

Along – However, it generally means a point in the length of; from one point to another.

Around – It particularly means tat a circle as well as a along a curving path.

Down – This particularly means high as well as low. It also means towards the south. Thus, this preposition is generally used in order to indicate the movement from a higher to a lower position.