Preposition of Instrument | Meaning of Preposition of Instrument | Examples of Preposition of Instrument

However, a preposition of instrument as well as a device is generally used when we describe about the various technologies, machines as well as devices. In this the preposition such as by, with or on are used.


Moreover, in this by refers to the methods of the transportation. Whereas, with ad on describe the use of machines and other devices. Thus, different preposition are being used for the different devices.

Examples of Preposition of Instrument:

Given below are the few examples related to the by and with. These prepositions are mostly used in the preposition of Instrument. So in order to learn about it correctly you are required to go through with these examples properly.

  • The Odyssey was written by Homer.
  • The project was completed by him
  • The room is being decorated by her.
  • He was hit by a ball.
  • This poem was written by Walt Whitman.
  • That man opened the door with the key.
  • You can’t play soccer without a ball.
  • I can write better with my own pen.
  • I’m going to England next week with my girlfriend.
  • She opened the locked door with an old key.

However, the prepositions with is an especially common way in order to introduce an instrumental noun. Moreover, this kind of the noun will tend to be the names of the tools.

Things such as living beings, usually humans, use to carry out actions. So, that with will generally mean the same as using. Thus, many times certain tools can often concrete objects as well. Such as hammers, but they can also be more abstract, like strength, determination as well as demand curve.

This generally means that by changing the by in the above to the with is an another possible correction. However, the meaning of the changes too: from “means” to “instrument”.