Free How to Promote YouTube Videos without Paying

So you’re creating and publishing videos on YouTube. You know they’re high quality, but nobody watch them? OK, they watch, you do following Promote YouTube Videos without Paying learn more.

YouTube is not a platform “if you create it, it will come to most people”.

Of course, some are lucky, but many of us need to work a bit more. We have to promote our videos that we have been working so hard on.

The problem is that creating high-quality videos and marketing them are very different skills. In this video, I’ll show you how to promote your videos with free strategies that can give you a big boost.

I will give 10 different strategies to exploit what does not cost you a single penny. You will learn to benefit not only from your follow-ups, but also from follow-ups, traffic and other people.

Have fun with the video and let me know what you find in the comments!

Promote YouTube videos with the tools, websites, and useful platforms below

Promote YouTube Videos without Paying By Helpful tools, websites, and platforms mentioned

Empire.Kred – This website will offer you to get more likes, shares and views for videos by interacting with other people’s content.

Viral Content Bee – Bee viral content allows you to earn credits to share people’s content and use those credits to give people who share yours.

JustRetweet – This free platform is somewhat similar to Viral Content Bee, except that it focuses on promoting tweets. Be sure to include the video link in the promoted tweets.

If This Then That – IFTTT allows you to automate much of your marketing for free and includes many benefits for YouTube users.

Quora – Quora allows you to answer people’s questions and earn a reputation, just like Yahoo Answers. For YouTube promotion, you can use it to answer questions and connect to videos for more information.

Linkedin Publishing – Use Linkedin Publishing to publish blog posts without even having your blog. You can also embed videos for the promotion.

My Vidster – This site is designed for creating video bookmarks where you can organize the videos you like or share links to promote them. – is a website where you can take care of your favorite content in categories and share them. Videos can also be edited.

Reddit – One of the most visited sites in the world. If you can share videos here in a way that is compatible with Reddit, you will be able to get huge amounts of views from here.

Kingged – Many people do not know Kingged yet, but it’s a great site to promote the content. They turned to creating original content on the site and then integrated your video into a short message for more visibility.

Post On A Social Media Outlet

Reddit: Reddit hosts a wide variety of subgroups, forums dedicated to particular artists, games, TV shows, music, you name it. By finding relevant subtitles on which to post your video, you’ve found one of the best ways to promote YouTube videos, but make sure you also participate in those communities.

Facebook: Facebook is ideal for sharing content because of its ubiquity as a social media platform. Instead of sharing from your personal profile, you want to use a creative page on Facebook to publish your videos and share them on the site. This will give them more exposure.

Tumblr: Tumblr has a tagging system that you can use with your video to make sure you get the right people. Moreover, thanks to the reviews, the diffusion of a video on this platform is generally viral.

Twitter: The tagging system has inspired Tumblr and you can see similar results because both are endless streams of content that people like to browse.

Share With Your Own Friends: Of course, you can still share your videos with friends and family via social media, instant messaging or the platform of your choice. Friends and family are among the free ways to promote YouTube videos.

Promote With Other Platforms

Embed Video With Blog Posts: Another way of driving traffic to your content having your videos embedded on blog posts.

Promote Video On LinkedIn: Yes, you can promote your video on LinkedIn. If your video professional work, post it on LinkedIn and see if it can’t pick up any steam.

Post Snippets On Vine, Instagram and Snapchat: Do have any short intro and memorable parts of your video? These short videos should post on Instagram and Snapchat like other platforms can help ensure that your video is noticed and send people to watch the entire content.

Send The Video To Relevant Clients/Platforms: Some platforms may search for certain types of videos. If you find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to send it. Working with other larger sites is one way to promote YouTube videos.

Conclusion: All above content is for practice. Do again and again for every video. You will get more visitors and subscribers.

If you have an idea and want to share publicly. You are most welcome. You can write and post content below comment box. Your content will be added inside blog post if it’ll useful.