Reciprocal Pronoun | Meaning of Reciprocal Pronoun | Examples of Reciprocal Pronoun

However, we use reciprocal pronoun in order indicate that two or more people are carrying out or have carried out an action of some type. Usually they both receive the benefits or consequences of that action simultaneously. Thus, we use reciprocal pronoun when something is done or given in return, reciprocal pronouns are used. Thus, the same is true any time mutual action is expressed.

Moreover, there are only two reciprocal pronoun are there. These both allow us to make sentences simpler. They are especially useful when you need to express the same general idea more than once.

  • Each other
  • One another

Well these pronoun are easy to use. As if you want to refer two people you will normally use “each other.” But if you are referring more than two people, for example the students in a lecture hall, you will normally use “one another.”

Examples of Reciprocal Pronouns:

  • On their wedding day James and Johanna gave each other wedding rings.
  • They both are holding each others hands.
  • They both gave beautiful gifts to each other.
  • The students congratulated one another after giving practice speeches.
  • The criminals blames one another for the crime.
  • They are throwing balls on one another.
  • Peter and David hate each other.
  • Today they met each other.
  • They didn’t look at one another.
  • They propose each other.

Use of Reciprocal Pronouns:

However, in order to use the reciprocal pronoun in sentence. There must be use of the two or more people, things or groups performing same action. Moreover, we cannot use this with I, you, he, she, and it because reciprocal pronouns require multiple nouns and pronouns to share the feeling or action.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronoun:

  • They both love each other.
  • They cannot see each other.
  • Ema and Jack exchanged the gift from each other on the new year party.
  • Customers are fighting to one another for a single product.
  • The gangsters were fighting one another.
  • Seema and Harry were laughing on each other in the school ground.
  • Both teams played hard against each other.
  • They never saw each other.
  • They took divorce from one another.