SEO Optimize Youtube Videos for Top Ranking, How to SEO for Video, (3 Tricks) and 8 Ways SEO for YouTube Video, learn it.

SEO Optimize Youtube Videos for Top Ranking, How to SEO for Video, 3 tricks optimize youtube videos for top ranking. 8 ways SEO for YouTube Video, learn it.

How to do SEO for youtube videos or optimize youtube videos for top ranking, SEO for videos have been compulsory if you want to get ranked for organic traffic from search engine otherwise no need to do optimise video.

Our next big step of blogging is video. It is video blog. Bloggers turn toward video blogging, because it is trending and users like it more than content reading.

DIY 3 Tricks Video SEO Optimization

Video optimization is very necessary for getting organic traffics, yes, now video blogging is popular for earning money.

You should follow these three tricks for video SEO.

  1. Use keyword and make an eye catching video title
  2. Description write long as you can, use keywords in description.
  3. Video tags are very necessary so use searchable keywords related to your video story in video tags. It helps to rank in search engine.

One thing is more needed. I clear here that your video content should be unique and own made, best quality, but except all you should design emotional and heart touching thumbnail.

Without thumbnail your video will not preform better, so design quality video thumbnail for every video.

How to Rank YouTube Videos

  1. Search a keyword using YouTube Suggest.
  2. Create a video based on that keyword.
  3. Upload your video to YouTube.
  4. DIY SEO your video title with your target keyword.
  5. Write a keyword-rich video description.
  6. Add video tags.
  7. Add your video to a playlist.
2018 How to SEO for Video, Optimize Youtube Videos for Top Ranking (3 Tricks)

SEO Optimize Youtube Videos for Top Ranking

  1. Use custom thumbnails The custom figurines are one kilometer longer, but they are indispensable to any serious creator.
  2. Give your videos a name correctly. You want your title to be attractive so that users know what to expect and watch your content.
  3. Describe your videos correctly. Describe a brief description of two sentences at the beginning of the description. So, you can describe the links to social media below. Be sure to include keywords in the description.
  4. Mark your videos. YouTube uses a tagging system, like many social media. This is what YouTube uses for users who are searching for your video. Therefore, it is important to have many detailed tags for your video.
  5. Love your videos. It could be vanity, but if you like your video, start by giving a little help that can do a lot in the long run.
  6. Improves the look of your channel Make sure you have first-rate channel graphics and an avatar / logo design.
  7. Organize your videos correctly. Organize your content into playlists for easy navigation. Make sure your main channel page is also organized with these playlists.
  8. Create a channel view. Create a video to promote your channel, then go to this page to enable the feature. If your channel ad is accepted, this is one of the best free ways to promote YouTube videos because you can also advertise on the site.

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