Simple Past Tense | Meaning of Simple Past Tense | Examples of Simple Past Tense | Uses of Simple Past Tense

However, sometimes simple past tense is also known as Preterite. Moreover, generally it is used to talk about a completed action in a time or before now. So, it is a part of the past tense. Thus, the time of the action can be in the recent past or the distant past and action duration is not important.

Formula : Subject + 2nd Form of verb + object.

For Example:

  • I wrote a story.
  • Ram went to the Sirohi.
  • She took her food.
  • He went to Japan.
  • He played cricket in the evening.
  • Geeta went to Spain.

Negative Sentences:

Formula: Subject + Did not + 1st form of verb + Object.

For example:

  • We did not play cricket.
  • You did not go to the school.
  • She did not cook food.
  • I did not complete my work.
  • He did not go to the hospital.

Interrogative Sentences:

Formula: (1) Did + subject + 1st form of verb + object.                                                                                                                                                                                  (2) What + Did + Subject + 1st form of verb + object.

For example:

  • Did we go to the park?
  • What did Amisha cook?
  • Did she sing a song?
  • What did she prepare?
  • Did you watch the movie?

Interrogative-Negative Sentences:

Formula: Did + Subject + not + 1st form of verb + object.

For example:

  • Did she not sing a song?
  • Did she not prepare the food?
  • We did not do our homework last night.
  • Did we not go to park?
  • Did he not complete the work?

Uses of Past tense:

  1. However, we use past tense to talk about something that happened once in the past or which happened again and again in the past.
  2. Moreover, we also talk about something that was true for some time in the past.
  3. We often use phrases with ago with the past tense:

Simple Past Irregular verbs:

Some common irregular verbs are to go, to give and to come.

For example:

  • She went to a club last night.
  • Did he go to the cinema last night?
  • They gave her a doll for her birthday.
  • Did Ema give you my diary?
  • My parents came to visit me last July.
  • Did she come to your house last week?
  • We did not come to your home.