SMS English Short Words

You chat with friends and family members daily. You need to write sms English short forms of words used in whatsapp or other chatting platform. A list of short form of English words for sms for texting or whatsapp, fb chatting. All these short form of English words for sms can use for chatting on any platform.

SMS English Short Words

& = And

2 = Two, to or too

2DAY = Today

2MORROW = Tomorrow

B = Be

B4 = Before

BF = Boyfriend

BRO = Brother

BT = But

C = See

D8 = Date

F8 = Fate

GF = Girlfriend

GR8 = Great

L8 = Late

L8r = Later

M8 = Mate

PLS = Please

SIS = Sister

U = You

UR = Your

ASAP = As soon as possible

CUL = See you later

HAND = have a nice day

HRU = How are you

LOL = Laughing out loud

LTNS = Long time no see

MU = Miss you

IMU = I miss you

ILU = I love you

F2F = Face to face

IC = I see

RUOK = Are you OK?

U4E = You forever

X = Kiss

KIT = Keep in touch

XOXO = Hugs and Kisses

WAN2 = Want to

THX = Thanks

WKND = Weekend

SPK = Speak

SOM1 = Someone

PCM = Please call me

NO1 = No one

MYOB = Mind your own business

MSG = Message

OMG = Oh my God

2NITE = Tonight

4ever = For ever

BZ = Busy

CM = Call me

GN = Good Night

Gnite = Good night

How r u = How are you

HW = Home work

Pic = Picture

PPL = People

Thnx = Thanks

TTLY = Talk to you later

U2 = You too


SMS English Short Words

MM = Mail Me

NA = No Access

DK = don’t know

J4F = Just for fun

NC = No Comment

NN = Nothing New

O4U = Only for you

JAM = Just a second

N4E = Never forever

MG = Many greetings

MC = Merry Christmas

JAD = Just another day

LG = Lovely Greetings

JMO = Just my opinion

KOTL = Kiss on the lips

NSN = Never say never

CUT = See you tomorrow

DAE = Dreams are empty

DTRT = Do the right thing

CIBM = Could it be magic

IWALU = I will always love You

CUIAL = See you in another life

DWBH = Don’t worry, be happy!

DUKWIM = Do you know what I mean?

SMS English

NM = Not much

IDK = I don’t know

JK = Just Kidding

B’Day = Birthday

IDC = I don’t care

BBS = Be back soon

BBL = Be back later

NVM = Never mind

TBH = To be honest

BRB = Be right back

IMO = In my opinion

LMK = Let me know

BION = Believe it or not

ATW =  At the weekend

AT Always tomorrow

TTYL = Talk to you later

TTYN = Talk to you never

2G4Y = Too good for you

TMI = Too much information

DPWM = Don’t play with me

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