Subordinating Conjunctions | Meaning of Subordinating Conjunctions | Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions | List of Subordinating Conjunctions

However, the subordinating conjunctions are those parts of the speech that usually joins the dependent clauses to independent clauses. Sometimes these referred as the subordinators or subordinate conjunctions. Thus, these are very important words as well as phrases which may also introduce the adverb clauses.

This conjunction connects the independent clause to a dependent clause. However, the independent clause can stand alone as a sentence. In other words, it does not need any additional information to operate as a sentence. Moreover, dependent clause add extra information to the main clause. These are the essential part of the complex sentences with include at least two clauses.

Rules of the Subordinating Conjunctions:

However, there is only one simple rule for you to remember about using subordinate conjunctions. Thus, by knowing this rules you can learn about this in a far better way. So that you can use it efficiently.

  • However, the subordinate conjunction performs two functions within a sentence. First of all it illustrates the importance of the independent clause. Second, it usually provides the transition between two ideas in the same sentence. However, this transition always indicates a place, time, or cause and effect relationship. For example: We looked in the metal canister, where Ginger often hides her candy.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions:

  • We went to the zoo where we saw an elephant.
  • I will help whenever you need my help.
  • As Sherri blew out the candles atop her birthday cake, she caught her hair on fire.
  • Sara begins to sneeze whenever she opens the window to get a breath of fresh air.
  • I will not tell him secret even if he insist a lot.

Subordinating Conjunctions List:

However, given below is the list of the subordinating conjunctions. Usually this list contains 25 of those most commonly used. As there are many subordinating conjunctions. Thus, list are as follows:

After, Although, As, As soon as, Because, Before, By the time, Even if, Even though, Every time, If, In case, Now that, Once, Since, So that, Than, The first time, Unless, Until, When, Whenever, Whether or not, While, Why.