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Tenses is that form of the word which shows the time and the state of an action or event.

For Example:

  • I play tennis.
  • I am memorizing my lines.
  • She is learning about mammals.
  • The boys are playing cricket in the ground.
  • India is progressing day by day.

What are tenses?

However, we use to speak about things we did in the past, things we are doing now, and things we are going to do in the future. Thus, by using verb “tenses” that indicate time. Such as past tense, present tense and future tense. Moreover, with each tense we change  the form of the verb (called “conjugating” the verb) to express the timeline of the sentence.

Parts of Tenses:

However, the verbs themselves only change form between past and present tense. So, we need to other words as well to show some time and situation. Thus, when the changing verb tenses we use “helping verbs,” called auxiliary verbs and modal auxiliary verbs, which go alongside the main verb. They help main verb in order to make sense in a sentence.

a. Auxiliary Verbs:

However, sometimes using verb is not enough in order to make a sentence. So, auxiliary verbs add the grammatical meaning to the sentences and make other verbs to function properly. Moreover, without them there are many sentences which does not make sense. They usually come in the three main groups: to be, have, and to do.

To be: am, are, is, be, been, being, was, were
Have: had, has, have, having
Do: do, did, does

b. Modal Auxiliary Verbs:

Well these verbs shows if there is something which is likely to happen, might happen, probably happen, definitely happen, and so on. However, the main modal auxiliaries are: can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, and would. There are some examples for this as well. Such as:

  • She may call you soon.    Might happen
  • I will call you.                    Definitely happen
  • Ram should call soon.     Probably happen
  • Sally could call soon.       Likely happen

Types of Tenses:

There are 3 types of tenses. Such as:

  • Present Tense.
  • Past Tense.
  • Future Tense.